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What defines this playlist? We're not entirely sure other than it's a selection of songs which make you nod your head, tap your feet, wiggle your fingers. Just great beats. Updated Monthly.

Life is slowly back on track! Whoop! So time to get our beat back on.

This month we’ve got great tracks from Harry Nathan, Flamingo Zamperoni and Alfie Templeman

Harry Nathan feat. Angus1- I’m in Need

Love the oscillating builds up in this and how they then just pan out into really relaxed lo-fi beats. Great voice too.

Flamingo Zamperoni- Sun of a Beach

The muted distorted trumpet in this track is awesome. Great sense of nostalgia and perfect fusion of soundscapes. Love it. Just need to be able to get on a plane now to enjoy it in the sunshine.

Alfie Templeman- Wait, I Lied

Advanced warning, this one just makes you want to move. Fusion of worlds in this track are electric. Love it!

Enjoy x

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