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London End Collective launches playlist "beats - VOLUME 1"

Spring is coming, hope is on the horizon. We need to stick together and remain positive. Never stop caring.

This week we are launching London End Collective's "beats - VOLUME 1" playlist. What defines this playlist? We're not entirely sure other than it's a selection of songs which make you nod your head, tap your feet, wiggle your fingers. Just great beats.

To kick things off we've picked our favourite 3, and we'll update monthly. Enjoy 🌟

FVLCRVM - Stray Dogs - Kilian & Jo Remix

Underground mellow goodness. Recently remixed by Kilian & Jo.

KISHAN - Sunrise

If music could cleanse you, it would sound like this.

Dream Thief - Low

Some of the best fills, breaks and hat programming going. Coupled with a beautiful vocal.

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