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Updated: Jun 17, 2021

Each week we add 3 brand new (mostly) undiscovered indie gems to underground indie volume 1. This week we've got new songs from Vilde, Yellow Trash Can & Limón Limón

Vilde- Holograms

Loving the dreamy vocals and driving chilled beats of this track, it's super stormy here today and we can't think of a better track to listen to whilst we breathe it all in.

FAV LYRIC: "Do you wanna dance through a fading memory?"

Yellow Trash Can- Talk Nice to Me

Right from the opening you can tell this talented Portland based duo have got style. Loving the vibes of this track, literally can't help but head bop to it's awesome groove right from the off.

FAV LYRIC: "I can see when you're lying"

Limón Limón - Attention

Sunny, happy, upbeat and positive. What's not to love? This track puts a skip in your step, and that middle 8, wow! One to share over a beer with your buddies.

FAV LYRIC: "When I was all alone, staring at my ceiling, searching for some meaning, oh but that was years ago."

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