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Each week we add 3 brand new (mostly) undiscovered indie gems to underground indie volume 1

This week we have new music by Byelian, Linn Koch Emmery and Rightfield. Enjoy!


Can’t help but move to this track. Whimsical vocals balanced perfectly, against a perfect driving bass line and guitar beat. LOVE IT.

FAV LYRIC: “Every minute feels like a thud on my head”

Linn Koch Emmery- Dirty Words

Feels like a favourite from the off, guitar laden and a great drum part, love the claps.

FAV LYRIC: “But it's all in my hands now, It's my head wasting time”

Rightfield- Birthday Party

Whimsical guitar solos alongside laid back vocals to a chilled beat. All round good.

FAV LYRIC: “I wish it was laid back, man that was misadvertised”

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