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Each week we add 3 brand-new (mostly) undiscovered indie gems to underground indie volume 1

This week we have music from Lost Woods , Paul Cook and The Chronicles and last but not least Sky Glass . Enjoy x

Lost Woods- Sleep

Great energy from the off with strong rhythmic drive, fab vocal lines and a real sense of drama. Love the vocal interludes.

FAV LYRIC: “I need a break to help me find what is right”

Paul Cook and The Chronicles- Do it again

Well crafted song with a great melody. Feels like coming home to an old friend.

FAV LYRIC: ‘Nothing changes, it only remains, so let’s do it again’

Sea Glass x Sky Addler- Lemon Lime Watermelon

Hooked on the ukulele in this track giving it fresh summer vibes. Happy. Upbeat and generally just awesome.

FAV LYRIC: “Let’s go on a spaceship, Let’s go on a journey”.

Don't forget to hit follow on Spotify :-) Hope you like them x

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