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Each week we add 3 brand new (mostly) undiscovered indie gems to underground indie volume 1

This week we have new music from JW Francis, The Moving Stills and Local Age. Happy Listening :-)

Local Age- Wish You Well

Love the opening of this track, from the off it gives you that sense of going on a great journey, full of hope. Great drum part and guitar line, counterparted beautifully with the piano and strings. Nice vocals too.

FAV LYRIC: ‘Our lives forever change, stop picking pieces trying to put them in their place’

JW Francis- John, Take me with you

Such nice vibes in this track, love the energy and that feeling of not taking life too seriously. Solid song writing. Just all round good.

FAV LYRIC: “I know the feeling I really do, the ground is sinking right under you”

The Moving Stills- Gene

Makes you want to tap your feet. Great groove. Loving the close vocal harmonies and guitar riff, with oscillating synth interludes.

FAV LYRIC: “You can have a girls’ night and mess round till the sunlight”

Enjoy x

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