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Each week we add 3 brand new (mostly) undiscovered indie gems to underground indie volume 1

This week we have new music from Cherry Dragon, Goan Dogs and Girlhouse. YES! Enjoy :-)

Cherry Dragon- Altar

Genuinely soo excited about discovering this track. Amazing vocals, paired with great writing. Love the piano part too. Can’t help but bop along to this one.

FAV LYRIC: “I keep digging with this shovel, burying yesterday”

Goan Dogs- Drinking on a School Night

Opens with a great riff, a few bars later and it all kicks in with an awesome groove, nothing overly complicated, just great writing that works.

FAV LYRIC: “Change is hard, so I will stay the same”.

Girlhouse- Knuckle Tattoo

Another great track featuring on Girlhouse’s latest EP release. Love the gradual build up of this track which then breaks out in to a fab drum beat with call and response between the vocals and guitar lines, sooo good.

FAV LYRIC: “Don’t trust a man that can dance with a knuckle tattoo”.

Happy Listening! If you like what you hear, please don't forget to hit follow on both our Spotify playlist page and our Insta page :-) x

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