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Updated: Jun 17, 2021

Each week we add 3 brand-new (mostly) undiscovered indie gems to underground indie volume 1.

This week we've got new songs from Demons of Ruby Mae, King Casio & Remington Super 60

Demons of Ruby Mae - Alright

Driving guitars and oh we love that snare. The track is full of energy and real purpose. The band are based in Manchester, UK. This song is addictive.

FAV LYRIC: "You dug yourself into a hole, where you just went to hide away"

Remington Super 60 - Talk With You

Props to this Norwegian output who have been going since 1998. We were only just in secondary school then and discovering great music. If only we discovered this tribe then. The music has an endless quality, a perfect balance of feet-tapping & calm.

FAV LYRIC: "All I want is to get close to you, so I can talk with you"

King Casio - Big Truck

We love the simile. Everyone loves big trucks, right. The music reminds of Baxter Dury of old and Honne of new. The sonics in this track are delightful. A new fav.

FAV LYRIC: "It's like a big truck, that motors over"

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